Hey y’all ,as I’m sure most of you have noticed I haven’t been updating the blog for the last few months. For a variety of reasons, mainly because after the creation of this great blog, I realized I can’t really compete. So don’t worry you won’t be without your Logan and Veronica fix. You should totally follow them because it’s a great blog and will give you all the Logan/Veronica goodies your heart desires!

The past 3 years have been great, and thanks to everyone that followed and reblogged. I never thought I’d be running it for this long. It’s been a pleasure :).

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logan and veronica (season 1)

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[02/15] Pairings: VERONICA&LOGAN (Veronica Mars)
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Hey guys!

If you haven’t noticed - this blog has gotten a lot more active as of late. We have a lot of blog ~~renovations~~ coming your way (more organization, more members, etc.) So stay tuned for that, for one!

On a broader scale beyond this blog, though, we’ve been thinking of taking a page from other shows in terms of tumblr tags. The “logan x veronica” tag, while an amazing place on this website, could be more organized.

So we’re going to be using these tags when we post things from this blog, and would encourage you guys to do the same if it’s not too much of a hassle! 

If you guys have any other ideas, message us and we’ll add it to the list! Thanks!

- Sandy

In reaction to this public embarrassment for Veronica, a fight breaks out.

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happy valentine’s day! [listen here]

happy valentine’s day! [listen here]

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Have an epic Valentine’s Day!

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